Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week #8 - Thing #18

Online Productivity Tools:
First, I visited ZOHO Writer and just read about the application. The most convenient issue for me is being able to access my work from any computer. We have all probably had the experience of working on a document at home and forgetting our laptop the next day. If we haven't remembered to email ourselves the work, unfortunately I'm also guilty of this, we have the option of doing it over again on our computers in school or doing something else that day! Not good options at all given the fact that we have lost all that time/effort spent the prior evening. With ZOHO and similar tools, no problem! We just log on, locate our work and print it out or share it online.
Next, I went to Google Docs. Ironically, we are using this at my school for our professional development tasks that I mentioned in Week #7. When I attempted to create an account, it already recognized me and opened the last document I had worked on at school! Amazing!
I explored and it appeared to be very similar. The fact that all of these applications are being offered for free is very surprising. I guess I don't really understand how people make money in these venues on the internet, other than through advertisers, but I didn't notice any on these sites.
Lastly, I began working on a document using ZOHO as instructed. I thought that I even posted my document onto blog, but I can't find it on my blog so I guess it didn't work. I followed all the steps, but I did have my blog open already because I was working on this assignment so maybe that's why it's not here.
Sorry, but I couldn't afford to buy Shelly so I am unable to comment on Chapter 3.

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  1. thanks for comparing these suites; good questions about where they get their $. Your experience with Zoho might be one reason people might not use it.