Saturday, October 3, 2009

Week #5 - Thing #11

Actually, this activity was fairly easy. Our school has recently begun using Google Docs. and this has really saved time and energy. We did a school climate survey last year, and one of the issues which was raised was the lack of appropriate professional development opportunities for everyone. Now, we are divided as a staff into areas of interest, mine is using technology in the classroom, and we are using Google Docs to sign up for different presentations and classes.

The other award winning activity we are using is the Ning site. My school ning address is:
where you can see not only my posts but those of other staff members.
This week, I posted links to 2 articles on using technology in the classroom and I also found two websites which other teachers may find very helpful.
I was glad that I could incorporate two assignments into one so I hope this was acceptable.

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