Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week #8 - Thing #19

Library Thing
I had set up an account on this site for a previous class so it was nice to revisit it. I am actually hoping to point my students to this site during the research process next marking period. Hopefully, they can find some of my recommendations in our library or they can do an ILL.
I am hoping that all of these online activities, the rollyo, my eboard, my catalog via Library thing, etc. will be helpful to my students who struggle through the research process.
Here's a link to my catalog:

I think that Library Thing is a tremendous resource for everyone who loves books. It is interesting to look into the recommendations of others and be able to form an opinion about whether something would be suitable to my tastes before I actually purchase or borrow from the library. I believe that I'll be using this site often once I'm done with classwork.

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  1. I love LibraryThing!! It is a fun place to chat about books and see what others have read, etc. I think it's a great resouce for students too.