Saturday, October 10, 2009

Week 6 - Thing #13

Tagging and
It was good to have some experience with tagging since in our other class we are working on MARC tagging and subject headings. Work on these sites allowed me to see the reason behind uniformity in an effort to improve retrievability.
I was already a member of Library Thing which I joined in conjunction with another class. This is a terrific site for avid readers. I have mentioned this site in my classes; I only wish I had more students who enjoy reading on a regular basis.

I searched SJLibrary and through the student assignment section. I was fascinated with the digital storytelling. I will be using this site in own classes because I think that students would enjoy the writing process more when they could explore the various digital extensions that are available.

I imported my favorites to and was very surprised that that I had 258 bookmarks. I was even more shocked to see how many people actually had bookmarked many of my sites, although I shouldn't have been. For examples, Google Earth is bookmarked through by 41,806 others besides myself. I hope to spend more time working with this site in the near future.

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