Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week #7: Webquest

I created the webquest - what an easy process! I plan on adding a link on my school eboard when I am finished this activity.
I wonder if all the other webquest sites are as easy as that was. The only thing that gave me trouble was adding the link to my quest. I usually right-click and copy, but I had to use the control V method. I also tried to edit my link; however, I was unable to do so. I must be doing something incorrectly.
Thanks for putting up with this old gal trying to learn new tricks. I learn as much from my profs and classmates as I do our readings and activities.
One last thing...I found Jurkowski's Chapter 13 to be quite interesting. Our school district has had other faculty members trained in a pedagogy entitled, RBT, Research for Better Teaching. I found the initial classes taken when I was a new teacher to be extremely helpful; however, some of the more experienced teachers felt that these modifications to the teaching process were unnecessary and just a new name for things they did on a regular basis anyway. So, when the district strongly suggested that all teachers go back and take these classes, it found that some more experienced teachers were very unhappy about the situation. This year, we are being offered yet a new opportunity for professional development which I again have found helpful. But as Jurkowski suggests (p. 185), our media center specialists are not as involved as they should be. These individuals are very helpful, knowledgeable, and one of them is a former teacher!

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