Saturday, October 10, 2009

Week # 6 - Thing #14

I was glad to be able to work with this site because I think it was not working on one of my earlier attempts. I was able to "claim my blog" for this class. The process was fairly easy!
I explored both the school library learning 2.0 sites (133 hits) and the classroom learning 2.0 sites (458), and I was actually surprised that the videos shown on the sites were the same however, the postings were very different. Right now, for my purposes, I found more of interest on the classroom learning 2.0 site which I only wish I had time to review in more depth. This might change though once I actually work in a school library.

I love the idea of "tagging." Without some reference system, similar to that used by librarians for retrieval, these blogs and other posting would all just be individual ramblings and it would be extremely difficult to ever join or find an appropriate blog. In fact, tags are recommended in Courtney both in chapter 2 and 8. I was particularly interested in the catalog 2.0 concepts. Although Courtney reports that library cataloging is slow in implementing these changes, many of the recommendations listed appear to be linked with a user friendly services, such as relevancy rankings, customer reviews and user-added tags. I can see where these changes cannot be done overnight, but many of the suggestions made will encourage patrons to use the library even if this might occur from a remote location in the future.

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