Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week #7 - Thing #16

This was not my first experience with wikis as they have been utilized in several of our LS courses for a variety of reasons.
Our first task was to look a some library wikis. As usual, it seems that the work done by librarians is always very professional. I looked first at the St. Joseph's Library wiki. It was very information with information on the school, region, recreation, etc., etc. I thought that the "education" link was very well done. There was a homework section that would be helpful for students/parents alike. At my school, we maintain individual eboards for this purpose as well.
I found the "BookLovers" wiki to be quite interesting and informative. On it, there is a five-star reading list - Oh, if only I had more time! - and a great list of new non-fiction entries.
Lastly, I visited the Teacher Librarian wiki. Again, very well done. I loved the link to Free Tech tools, some we had already been introduced to in this course, but others were new. If only I had the time to try all these things. I am keeping much of this information to use over the break, etc. This wiki also had information on Fair Use which was a topic last week as well as lists for different interests and levels, even a high school favorites list.
What can I use this for? I am thinking beginning a wiki where my students could comment on class activities, readings and make suggestions for things they would like to see revised or added. I think it's important to make class as interactive and fun as possible.
Also, on a personal note, my husband's family has a reunion every 5 years. This Japanese American cohort, known as the Shindo clan for our recently deceased Grandma, has been sending tons of emails with suggestions, etc. regarding next summer's reunion. I think we should set up a wiki! It would be so much easier and more informative.
In Courtney, a research guide wiki is suggested (p.28-31). I had not seen this chapter before doing my rollyo on English research assistance, but she has certainly given me some further suggestions for my upcoming webquest and lesson. I am hoping to actually use this material when my seniors begin their research papers in November.


  1. HI Janet, Using the Wiki to plan a reunion sounds interesting! My family is large, and now my nieces and nephews are all around the country, sometimes world and we use the site It is a nice spot for everyone to check and post family information. Check it out if you get the chance, I like it so much I set one up for my husband's family and my mothers family too! Good Luck...Regina... ps...ready for a cup of coffee yet?

  2. Thanks for the idea! I'll have to check it out during the semester break. Maybe we can meet up for coffee then also!