Saturday, October 10, 2009

Week #6 - Thing #15

This is such an important issue today for high school English teachers and everyone. Much of my time is spent trying to enlighten students with regard to plagiarism and validity with regard to the internet.

I loved the video Fair-y Use especially since I am a big Disney fan. Even I did not realize that not too long ago, copyright lasted only 14 years but now for a lifetime plus 70 years! Of course, I wonder how they arrived at that time determination. I actually brought up this issue when we worked with Smilebox. Although I enjoyed mashing my own little production, I wondered if I had, in fact, violated any copyright issues myself since I picked from available songs which were recognizable tunes not created by me.

I also really enjoyed the perspectives on library 2.0. I first chose the copyright comic book which was fascinating. I had wanted to watch it via flash but it was taking too long to load so I just viewed the html. but it was still very impressive. I am thinking of showing excerpts of it to my classes, especially sophomores, as they begin the research process.
The other perspective I viewed was away from the icebergs. Three obstacles to progress toward web 2.0 were listed as no future need for "collections," the lack of properly trained and available staff as well as equipment, the former reliance on coming into the library for service. These aren't impossible to overcome in my opinion. We might find ourselves working from a computer in a smaller facility, but with the right programs and connections, we'll still be a vital part of education and and educated society.
The last thing I watched was the Did you know 4.0 "Shift Happens" video. I actually replayed it for my husband. Of course, being an old person, it was amazing but frightening to me. Everything in a single cell???? How fast we are moving....
BTW - I forgot the mention the advantages and disadvantages of tagging which are discussed Courtney, Chapter 8.
I think the biggest advantage us the discovery potential! In our planning center for English when we find a great site we share it with others, and they do the same . It's the same concept here but on a larger scale.
The largest disadvantage I see is the susceptibility to gaming, similar to spamming. Even at school where we use fairly advanced network filters and virus software, we have had issues with this so I think these things will continue to surface and be probematic.

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  1. yes, sometimes people use inappropriate tags (sort of like graffiti??). The death plus 70 years came about because Mickey Mouse was about to hit 50, and Disney wanted to maintain copyright. PErsonally, I think that the law could be 50 years from creation -- and use. Even MM has changed in appearance, so the LATEST image would be the one to fix the copyright date, IMHO