Saturday, October 3, 2009

Week #5 - Thing 12

I found Rollyo fairly easy to use until it came to finding the URL for my particular site. In fact, I now have one rollyo which is public so my name isn't in the URL, one which I have posted on our DB, and another which I did just to be sure I could do it again.
Here's my URL:
As I discussed on the DB, I hope my students find this helpful with the research process. They always seems to struggle with the process, even as seniors who have been required to complete a research paper every year.
I thought that a very relevant point was made in this week's reading of Chapter 5 & 6 of Jurkowski; namely, that we must be able to evaluate websites accurately. Today, our students believe that everything found on the internet is accurate and reliable. We know differently, of course, and so if we can create lists of acceptable sites which we have previewed and know to be reputable, this will help not only the students but ultimately ourselves.


  1. You've hit it squarely on the head...students really need direction when it comes to accuracy and reliability. I am very glad for this class that is making me explore various tools as well as sites to see what is useful and what isn't. I've even been using Power Library much more which is making me more able to help patrons in the public library setting too!

  2. I agree, we can't do enough to showcase to our students the importance of evaluating web sites before using them. During this week I thought it would be informative and fun for students to evaluate sites on a topic and create their own searchroll in Roll-yo. It would be a way for them to be analytical and selective when considering which web sites are credible and helfpul for their research goals.