Sunday, November 1, 2009

Week #9 - Thing #20 - Youtube!

As a teacher, I was thrilled earlier this year when we were finally able to incorporate and view youtube video clips in our school. Although there is much inappropriate material on the site, there is also a wealth of good material which can enhance a lesson.
I thoroughly enjoyed the suggested videos, especially the Conan the Librarian and Jack O'Connell Goes to School videos.
As for the video I decided to search and view myself, I chose one that was created by one of my students. After we finished reading Oedipus this marking period, the students had the option to create a video, rap, etc. on the play or to give me their college essay which I would grade in place of this assignment in an effort to get the college app process started and imporove the written portion to be submitted. Many students chose the college essay; however, one student decided to make a video of the play. I have to had here that much of his material was either inaccurate or irrelevant, but it was amazing to see how much time/work he spent on the project. Because of the content, which was also inappropriate for classroom viewing, I could not play the video in class, but I learned from an outside source that he had posted this video on Youtube and within five seconds, I was able to locate it online. It is amazing to me how very talented this student is so if he only concentrated his efforts on more appropriate material, he could excel in class.
What do I like about Youtube?? It really does engage students in material and yet takes up relatively little class time. What do I dislike??? Well, sometimes it is necessary to view several different videos before coming up with something of value.
In the library, I am sure that you could use clips to show reviews of books, movie trailers, etc. I know that there are also many "how-to" videos of value which could be added to the library's website for use by patrons.
I am going to try to post a link to the student video I spoke about. This was part one of two. If you are sensitive to foul language, you might not want to view this clip.
Here's the embedded clip address:

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  1. Despite the inaccuracies, this student definetely was engaged and motivated by your assignment. Its great that your school encourages the use of YouTube. My district has it blocked to students, but teachers can bypass the blocker to show videos. We're getting there!