Sunday, November 1, 2009

Week #9 - Thing#21 - Podcasts

I didn't find this to be as easy a process of embedding a Youtube video.
First, I opened my Google reader account. I searched for podcasts using iTunes and I was able to put these into my Google reader account quite easily. I have downloaded some free podcasts via iTunes n the past. My favorites are Grammar Girl which contains a series of podcasts covering many types of grammar and writing issues.
My Google reader account will continue to update these broadcasts for me automatically. The podcast which really stood out to me is entitled Teachers Teaching Teachers: Integrating New Literacies into the Teaching of Writing. I didn't have time to listen to all the segments, but we are in the process of revising our research assignments at school, and these podcasts will be of great interest to all in our department. In fact, the first segment - Do you still use 3 X 5 cards was humorous to me because four years ago when I suggested that these cards would not longer be necessary, I was also laughed out of the department. Today, with all the ways to save/cite/organize electronically, it would be unthinkable to continue with this process. I have actually joined the community, and if I have time, I will join their live broadcasts on Wednesday evenings at 9 PM eastern.
I don't know if I can attach the link to this blog...I haven't figured out how to pull in RSS feeds too easily so I'll definitely be watching some more how to videos.
I believe the Courtney text did a good job covering podcasts. I found the section on "The Teen Show" to be of great interest. Presented by teenagers for teenagers, this endeavor is supervised by the "teen librarian." Students present podcasts on movies, books, videos and anything of interest to their peers. I will mention this to our media center specialists as an option for our school.

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  1. Grammar girl is very popular; several of these 2.0 tools are teen-friendly