Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Week #9- thing #22: Ebooks/Audiobooks

The extent of resources was amazing!
The first site I visited was the World EBook Fair. It was easy to sign up for an account, and I was amazed at the number of titles available. I hope I remember to log on during the World ebook Fair next summer! I have never downloaded a book although I have an iPod nano which I use for music when walking. During the Winter break, I'll have to give this a try.
Next I visited the LibriVox site. This was also very interesting! I listened to a chapter from a book on Halloween. I was very surprised that you could volunteer to read online! My students tell me I have a good reading voice, of course maybe this is for Brownie points, but I wouldn't mind giving this a try.
Most impressive of all was the World Public Library site which I had never visited before. The price to join for the year $8.95 was very reasonable, I felt. Of course, I am trying to be very thrifty right now because I have kids in college, myself in college and a son just graduating from high school!
I visited many of the other free sites, some of which I was already familiar. I could not open the Many books site.
I added many of these to my favorites so I can go back at some time in the future.
Lastly, I visited our school media center site, and I was disappointed to find that we have only 20 eBooks available right now.
I use the Burlington County Library System (NJ), and considering what a small library system it is, I have always been impressed with the service and available even if it has to be from ILL. I had never checked out the library's digital collection until this assignment, and I am very pleased to report that we have many digital titles available for loan! I will certainly be using this feature in the near future! Thanks.

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