Thursday, November 5, 2009

Week #9: Thing #23: Thoughts and Reflections

I found many of the exercises we have completed to be very informative and necessary for my use, not only to complete this course, but to make me a better teacher and someday librarian as well.
Since we were asked to name our favorites, I thoroughly enjoy the mash-up activities, Youtube searching, podcast exploration and the information on eBooks and Audiobooks. I have already begun to visit these sites more often and much of what is available will certainly enhance my lessons.
As I stated in an early reflection, I don't have plan on neglecting my own learning. The more we learn, the more we realize how much we still have to learn. Knowledge and experience is never wasted, and besides, as I grow older, maybe it will ward off Altzheimer's.
I was very surprised by the amount of "free" material available. Great for those with tuition costs, families, etc.
I think that the program is exceptionally well done so I really can't offer any advice for improvement.
I would love to be involved in future programs! I must qualify this, though, by stating that these would have to be offered after my graduate classes are finished since I am very overwhelmed with the work for my courses and my own 130 + students in English classes.
Technological Treasures! That is the phrase that comes to mind when I reflect on all that we did and learned through classroom learning 2.0 this semester!
Thanks for the help.

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