Thursday, December 17, 2009

Two Best Chapters and Why

In Jurkowski, I can't really decide between either the chapter on Professional Development or the one on School Library Websites. We are already using BrainPop and UnitedStreaming in our school environment, but I found the other sites recommend in the Prof. Dev. chapter to be very interesting. Some require a subscription fee after the trial period, but I am considering recommending some of these to our district. The School Library website provided me with many good suggestions for setting up and maintaining a site which is both professional, interesting for students and attractive. Our current school website has actually covered all four of the priorities list which Jurkowski recommends.
In Courtney, I enjoyed the Podcasting chapter. I have had little experience in this area and this chapter provided some practical suggestion for uses and a list of websites available for further information.


  1. I like your insight and perspective from the school angle. I guess one thing I've struggled with during this class is having such a public library mentality, I've had to really focus on how things would work in a school media center. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think you are correct in the need for school libraries to always be improving their websites. I am going to follow your example and keep working on ours. We have Brainpop and Unitedstreaming too, but are always looking for more great subscription services.