Saturday, September 19, 2009

Week #3 Again/Things 5 & 6 or 6 & 7/Trading Cards

Sorry - I think I have been using the wrong labels on my posts. I will try to do better with this next week. Thanks to those I am following, for getting me back on track.
I did visit the trading card link; however, as I mentioned in my previous post, I was very hesitant to post my photo online. I know it sounds crazy, and many of these sites say that unless you mark photos as "public," only those you allow can actually view them, but I am very skeptical. And like Dr. Farmer commented, we should be asked before someone posts a picture of us; however, I know for a fact that my husband's family are great Facebook enthusiasts and they have posted several photos of me without asking.
I was thinking of trying to use these at BTS night as Dr. Farmer suggested; however, I really didn't care for any of my photos enough to give them out. Additionally, we only have 7 minutes per class to meet with our parents, and in this time, we must so over our class expectations and the curriculum for the year. I really talk fast!

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